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Summer Fun : Learning to Drive a Motorcycle

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Over this past Summer my partner and I decided to take the leap and learn how to drive motorcycles. We took our MSF course together this past April 2023. We have since been riding as much as we can. It has been such a journey. It has become a place for me to be more present and in my body. When you are out on the road you have to ride with 360 degree awareness. This has given me so much more mental space. I am so thankful to have learned this new skill and to always be learning how to better myself . Motorcycling definitely is an art form of its own. Since beginning I have had ups and downs of the fear and excitement of riding. It has brought me a new appreciation for my own fragile life, because you never know when it is gonna be your last ride. I have learned how to become more of a defensive driver and have found so much confidence since learning. Each day has become so much more precious than I ever thought they could be. I have found new meaning in the everyday life then I could have imagined before.

I named my Motorcycle after my Dad's Mom "Debbie" , she passed away before I was even imagined. Every time I ride I get to honor her. I am thankful of all the love and support my friends , family and coworkers have shown me since beginning this journey. I am so fortunate and thankful for my life. For anyone curious about riding , I recommend first taking an MSF course. It will give you some basics to be safe as a new rider on the road.

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This is awesome Caylin! We Love you and are so proud of you!

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