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Watercolors , Roses, and Why I love them...

Watercolors paintings can be painted very quickly in comparison to other painting mediums. I love that I can paint almost as quickly as my mind imagines. My history with making caricatures made me create most 2D art endeavors quickly which made watercolor paint so enticing. My newest watercolor paintings featured in this blog post were all made on the same day during an evening painting session, yesterday night. I added black ink pen outlines to these pieces to give them a more rigid structure. The first image "Evening Roses" was created by finding a photograph of roses online and then editing the photo by cropping, color distortion and effects to create a whole new image, and then I painted it freehand. I paint most all of my paintings freehand unless there is a person in the painting or sacred geometry is being used.

This second painting "All Rivers Run to The Ocean" is a completely made up scene from out of my mind. I have had an obsession with sunsets since I lived in California back in 2018. You haven't seen a sunset until you see it hit the ocean.

This third painting to the right "Roses N' Babies Breath" was made in a similar fashion to the first painting. Watercolors in some ways remind me of oil paints because it is so easy to remove the paint and expose the white of the paper. Roses have been a big theme for me lately, because I want to eventually make my own perfect rose. With practice I will be able to see them perfectly in my mind's eye. With practice my hands will know what to do because of the repetition.

Roses in my mind represent : Love, Passion, and Eternal Beauty; I understand that roses are organic and will die just like you, me and every single living being on planet Earth. But, Roses are eternal because of what they represent at least in my eyes. So I will keep making roses until I am satisfied.

As for watercolors I see a bright future with this painting medium and hope to explore new techniques and even new types of watercolor pigments. I am currently using Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolors to paint these paintings.

Thank you for checking out my blog post and stay tuned for more in the future.

-Caylin Paige

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