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CHANGE IS IN THE AIR ( No longer have work at Riverview Station)

An abrupt change has happened and I have moved from a shared studio space at Riverview Station to my home studio spaces. I feel this is going to be a good thing for me. I was never available to be at my studio and having my tools in separate places seemed to be effecting my creating process. My heart was heavy about this at first because it felt like going backwards, but with a clear outlook now, I see this is benefital to me. I was hoping that a store front studio would help me sell my art, but I never had the time to be there to sell or make the art. It was also a shared space and my studio mate was never there. The floor layout never was fit for me either. With inflation things are more expensive so the extra money in my pocket from not paying studio rent could be a good thing for me. All in all I am taking this as a lesson learned.

I am excited to share new work and to expand on my art in the future. My first classes as a fusing instructor went wonderfully. I was so happy with how the children and adults took to creating an image that they would feel proud of, though there is so much more to learn.

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